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Our Electrical Services

Discover a world of seamless electrical solutions tailored just for you. From expert installations and efficient repairs to cutting-edge home automation and sustainable energy solutions, we’re here to meet your electrical needs with precision and reliability. Trust us for personalized consultations, emergency support, and a commitment to creating safe and innovative spaces through our customer-focused electrical services. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Precision wiring services for new constructions, renovations, or upgrades, ensuring a reliable electrical foundation.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Tailored installation of lighting fixtures, including energy-efficient options, to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

Panel Upgrade and Installation

Expert panel installation and upgrades to accommodate increased electrical demand, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Expert installation of ceiling fans to improve air circulation and energy efficiency in residential and commercial spaces.

Electrical Outlet and Switch Installation

Efficient installation of outlets and switches for convenient access to power throughout homes and businesses.

EV Charger

Specialized installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, ensuring convenient and efficient charging at home or in commercial spaces.


Choose Clarity Electric as Your Electrical Contractor

At Clarity Electric, we take pride in delivering top-notch electrical services to homeowners. Our clients value the assurance of having highly trained and experienced electricians from a reputable and seasoned company. We consistently provide high-quality work at competitive prices and are pleased to offer written estimates before commencing any project. Here are a few advantages you gain when working with Clarity Electric.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services in Everett and The Surrounding Puget Sound Area

Your home holds immense value for you, and your safety is our top priority. We regularly conduct safety inspections and upgrades to accommodate the evolving electrical demands of your home. Our services include installing, repairing, and maintaining essential components like smoke detectors, lighting receptacles, circuit breakers, and fuse boxes.

Clarity Electric stands as the first choice for home improvements. Whether you’re looking to install new lighting, change your light switches, or upgrade your electrical panel to handle the latest electrical components and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Your Qualified Electrical Contractor in Everett & The Surrounding Puget Sound Areas

Whether you’re seeking electrical services in Seattle or anywhere in Puget Sound, there’s no need to worry. Clarity Electric is your go-to electrical contractor, equipped to address all your electrical service requirements. Our skilled electricians ensure the job is done correctly from the start. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation or service appointment. Our efficient staff will promptly schedule a convenient time for you.

Some of the electrical services we offer include


Do You Have A Question?

Curious minds welcome! Explore and engage with us. Whether it’s about our services, your projects, or anything in between, feel free to ask. We’re here to provide answers, support, and solutions tailored to your inquiries. Your questions fuel our commitment to understanding and assisting you better.


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